An erection occurs after the compression of cenforce in the scrotum.

Find out what is normal and what can be considered a deviation

For operations on the small pelvis, with injuries to this area, hypertension or diabetes, it is necessary to consult a urologist. Also, in the prevention of erectile dysfunction, you can use a vacuum erector. Traditional methods advise eating more ginger, walnuts and honey. Herbal decoctions will help tone the entire body.

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Thus, today almost all cases of erectile dysfunction are treatable. There are many methods and an experienced physician is able to choose a personal way of treatment for you.

And this video explains why erectile dysfunction can appear

It is also necessary to remember that this ailment can serve as a symptom of another, more serious disease. The main thing is not to delay, and at the first symptoms to undergo diagnostics in a specialized center. Your health is in your hands.